The contributors and the Discussants of the Clinical Conversation of the NLS with Eric Laurent – Sunday 1 July 2018



The clinical conversation of the NLS (Sunday 1 July 2018) will be chaired by Éric Laurent.

Four clinical cases will be read and discussed in plenary session on Sunday morning during the Congress.

The contributors will be :
Marina Frangiadaki (Hellenic Society of the NLS) – Athens
Discussants: Daniel Roy (Bordeaux) and Luis Solano (Paris)

Anna Pigkou  (Hellenic Society of the NLS) – Athens
Discussants: Lieve Billiet (Ghent) and Jean-Louis Gault (Nantes)

Beatriz Premazzi (ASREEP-NLS) – Geneva
Discussants: Bernard Seynhaeve (Lille) and Vlassis Skolidis (Athens)

Alan Rowan (London Society of the NLS) – Berlin
Discussants: Marie-Hélène Brousse (Paris) and Marco Mauas (Tel Aviv)

The conversation will be open to all of the participants of the Congres.