On Transference in the Cartel by Jacques-Alain Miller



I hardly dare raise the delicate question of transference in the cartel. We know the structure of the Socratic transference, but what happens with the transference in the cartel? From a to $ there is transference-work, but if prolonged in the cartel it becomes work-transference.

Transference-work                                                                       Work-transference

a                                      ->              $                ->                                  S1

What would verify this formula is the very position that Lacan himself has sustained in his teaching: inciting to know, but from a position of analysand and only speaking from Freud’s work. To give its rightful place to the object in the cartel, therefore, requires that the plus-one does not appropriate the effect of attraction but refers it elsewhere – for us, to Freud and to Lacan.

Translation : Phil Dravers