Jacques-Alain Miller: Primal Repression and Transference


I have already indicated that the unconscious and transference make a couple as do repetition and the drive. I tried to make the junction of the unconscious and of transference manifest in talking about the transferential unconscious. It‘s the unconscious of interpretation, it’s the unconscious where the ‘I do not know’ is made evident, with the supposition of knowledge that is correlative to it; and that’s why, in neurosis, the transference is, if I may say so, hypersensitive: it’s because the primal repression is correlative to a primal transference, if I may say so.

Miller, Jacques-Alain. Choses de finesse en psychanalyse, Seminar of the Lacanian Orientation III:11, Department of Psychoanalysis Paris viii. Lesson of December 3, 2008, unpublished.